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 There is never a dull moment at my art shop. Every piece I create is unique and the fruit of spontaneous inspiration. Whether I work with paint, crochet or porcelain, my artwork is completely original. An idea is born and the creativity simply flows. I am extremely passionate about what I do so you can be sure your item was created using 100% of pure love. 



All of my work is handmade. I enjoy working in many different ways. Some days you'll find me crocheting cute dolls and their clothes. Other days I may be working on a colorful painting, and very often I am painting glass. I see art everywhere! Any object that falls into my hands could be my very next piece.



My little art shop is located in my house, where the background music is the sound of little toddlers running around. I work very hard to craft every single art piece to be delivered to its new family. Please stop by the shop section to see more. Feel free to look at the 'sold items' section to see more of my work. Thank you for being here!

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