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She was born and raised in Paraguay (a beautiful and small country in South America). Maria moved to Kansas three years ago. She is the mother of two children and grandmother of three little ones. She graduated with a bachelor’s in business and she worked as a manager up until her move to the US. Since then, she’s been caring for her grand-babies and has been working with her hands creating art full time.

Working with her hands in various disciplines is a great passion for her and this includes: painting, modeling, knitting, jewelry-making and making embroidery.

She learned how to knit at the age of 6 from her paternal grandmother and around that time she also learned how to work with embroidery. At age 18 she learned how to paint but in all these disciplines she is a self-taught person. During the years when she was raising her family and worked full time, working on her art was a sporadic activity and not always something she could do on a regular basis. It is at the present time that she is able to do it full time.

Due to the fact that she doesn’t belong to a formal school of art or crafts, she creates with freedom following only the desires of her heart. Once she has an idea, she finds the way to turn it into an object, whether it is a painting, a piece of clothing, a doll, or whatever comes to mind. It is very hard for her to create an object similar to a previous one because every piece is unique. This is why she doesn’t work upon specific requests, preferring to create and offer the final piece to her customers.

Due to her difficulty to speak fluent English, today she has the option of using her artwork as a means to make a living. Her daughter Jime helps her run her little art shop so don't be surprised if she contacts you.

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Please note that the items shown in the different sections of this website may be sold. We wanted this to be an open catalog so you could know discover my work in full. 

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